Italy has just faced a round of very important local elections and social media play an important role in some regions: it is certainly the case of Nichi Vendola, the left-leaning governor of Puglia (in the south of Italy) who was re-elected. His prize-winning campaign - widely acknowledged as the most innovative in the country - used succesfully social networks and coordinate local groups all over the region. Statistics are quite amazing, for a country like Italy where almost 40% of people do not use actively the Internet, expecially in the south (Puglia has about 4 millions inhabitants): 85.000 Facebook fan, 11.000 Twitter followers, more than 400.000 views on YouTube.

{affiliatetextads 1,,_plugin}But it was not just an Internet campaign: the most important "feature" was the hard work of about 70 local groups all over the region (called "Nichi's factories"), mostly runned by volunteers that were focused on local issues. It is widely said that Italian politics is old an polarized but even right-leaning magazines praise Vendola's campaign: will it set an example for the future?